LIFO Podcast Interview

LIFO interview with Dr. Ekaterini Chatzaki

Professor Ekaterini Alexiou-Chatzaki discusses ABCureD’s success, at the NBG Seed Awards, with Ioannis Pantazopoulos, host of the RADIO Lifo podcast. The topic was Health & Innovation: the people behind the successful startups. The professor and CEO of ABCureD talks about the company goals and it flagship product, LPancreas, a simple AI-powered diagnostic method that directly measures pancreatic decline and predicts the onset of diabetes.

The interview is in Greek. Listen to the whole interview here


Professor E. Chatzakis interview for EURO2day

Prof. E. Chatzaki Interviewed about LPancreas by EURO2day

Prof. Ekaterini Chatzaki, CEO and coFounder of ABCURED, was interviewed by Maria Moschou for the Greek online media EURO2day regarding the recent first award received at the NBG (National Bank Greece) Seed Awards, for our innovative first diabetes prediction product, LPancreas.

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