Prof. E. Chatzaki Interviewed about LPancreas by EURO2day

Professor E. Chatzakis interview for EURO2day

Professor Ekaterini Chatzaki, CEO and coFounder of ABCureD, was interviewed by Maria Moschou for the Greek online media EURO2day regarding the recent first award received at the NBG (National Bank Greece) Seed Awards, for our innovative first diabetes prediction product, LPancreas.

The interview covers how the product works but also expectations for funding and what’s in the pipeline for future innovations. The company is looking to raise a major round in order to bring LPancreas to the market. LPancreas is a diagnostic kit for diabetes that uses liquid biopsy and AI to predict pancreatic decline. Its purpose is to prevent diabetes early on or find personalized treatment that can improve health outcomes for every patient, individually.

ABCureD was the standout winner of the NBG Business Seeds 13th Innovation & Technology Competition for its groundbreaking invention in diabetes management. The NBG Business Seeds award was accompanied by a monetary prize of 20k euros. Dr. Ekaterini Alexiou-Chatzaki, Professor of Pharmacology at the Democritus University of Thrace, accepted the award on behalf of the company.

As Prof. E. Chatzaki says, “This award is very useful as it will cover our initial expenses for marketing and branding, as well as expenses for investor reach-outs”. She continues, “Our vision is for LPancreas to change the field of diabetes, worldwide. We want to offer an easy diagnostic kit that uses a small blood sample to predict the onset of diabetes, with high accuracy and credibility, which will help clinicians and patients make informed treatment choices and correct timely interventions”.

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